Why would anyone want to live in Mississauga, Ontario?

Mississauga is the sixth largest city in Canada with almost 1 million people. It’s an urban area located along the shores of Lake Ontario on the northwestern end of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The name means “river of swamps” in Ojibwe; it was named by an early settler after the Ojibwe word Misi-zaagiing. Mississauga has one minor sports team – The Mississauga Steelheads, a junior level hockey club playing out of Hershey Centre.

I just saw an old friend I haven’t seen in Toronto for at least 5 years and he said that Mississauga is getting bigger and keeps on expanding no matter where you go. He then told me that Mississauga keeps on growing but people who live there don’t talk about it because they would rather focus on how nice Mississauga is compared to other places around the city such as Brampton or Oakville. He says the city has lots of land and even animals living in Mississauga such as skunks, racoons, wild cats and deer amongst the coyotes. Mississauga has lots of new homes that are being built at this very moment he says Mississauga is famous for its beautiful landscaping and the downtown core is second to none and has plenty of highways so you can travel to this region freely, and rest assured is a very safe place to be with it’s large police department. The city is home to Canada’s most profitable shopping mall, the Square One Shopping Center. This expansive mall offers plenty of retail and dining options as well as a movie theater and hotels nearby on site. The restaurants within this mall typically offer more upscale experiences with higher prices. People from all over the city flock to this mall for a good time. The Mississauga skyline has grown rapidly with many large skyscrapers. The first tower, the Absolute World was completed in 2010 and stands at a height of 150 meters. This is currently the highest building in Mississauga as well as the third tallest in Ontario. There are a number of parks within Mississauga. One Park in particular, Riverwood Conservatory is a great place to go for a hike and a swim. Enjoy picnic or take to the trails on your bicycle or even enjoy an afternoon paddle along the Credit River.

Why live in Mississauga?

As one of the safest cities in Canada, Mississauga offers a safe and peaceful living environment. Whether you want to go shopping or experience classier dining options, there are plenty of amenities within walking distance making this city an exciting place to live.

Great food options. Beautiful parks and nature trails. Shopping at an affordable price. Mississauga has something to offer everyone. Mississauga is also the educational center of Ontario, with many post-secondary schools located in or near the city including University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). This fast-growing city on the shores of Lake Ontario has something to offer everyone, whether you are looking for a romantic meal or some fun outdoor activities together. Here are some good suggestions on what to do on a date in Mississauga.

1) Visit Mississauga Celebration Square downtown for free live music all summer long

2) Enjoy the beach at Port Credit during warm summer days and nights, while barbequing with your partner. From here you can enjoy watching the sun set over the lake.

3) Take an hour drive North along Lakeshore Blvd to spend some time at Sugar Beach in Clarkson. Watch people skim boarding or windsurfing across the lake while you enjoy some iced coffee.

4) Watch the fireworks on Canada day at Celebration Square

5) Enjoy a romantic dinner at La Veranda or Bistro 990 (Steaks, seafood specialties). Afterwards take a nice stroll through the David Dunlap Observatory trails, one of Toronto’s oldest parks.

6) For some natural scenic beauty visit Bronte Creek Provincial Park for hiking and camping

7) Walk along the Etobicoke waterfront boardwalk to snap some great selfies with your partner. 8) If you still have time after checking out all these suggestions, head over to Yorkdale mall to grab yourself something nice. From here you can take advantage of their free bus shuttle service back home. If at any stage you are considering a new home or mortgage in Mississauga and need to consider a ethical mortgage broker,   click here.

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